FASHION HOUSE Outlet Centre Moscow awarded BREEAM certificate

FASHION HOUSE Outlet Centre Moscow was awarded BREEAM Interim certificate with a “good” rate based on the design documentation. The centre is one of the very first retail properties in Russia that have been designed, constructed and managed with the consideration of pro-ecological solutions improving energy efficiency and reducing impact of the building on the natural environment.

FASHION HOUSE Outlet Centre Moscow is the fifth one developed in CEE and Russiaunder the FASHION HOUSE brand. It is also the first fully-enclosed and professionally managed facility of this type in Russia. Opened in June 2013, the centre is located 12 km from the capital city, near Sheremetyevo Airport. With a total GLA of 28,640 sqm, it is home to 165 outlet units, restaurants, cafes, and a parking lot for over 1,800 vehicles. “Applying the concept of green development from the very beginning of the Moscow project helps us to reduce its impact on both the internal and external environment, and simultaneously enables to achieve increased comfort and savings for tenants, as well as improved well-being of customers,”  – Patrick Van Den Bossche Managing Director of FASHION HOUSE Group, said. “We are aiming to design, construct and manage all of our new buildings throughout CEE and Russia in accordance with the requirements for thh BREEAM certification”

FASHION HOUSE Outlet Centre Moscow was constructed of ecologically certified materials and with great attention to the manner in which construction work was carried out, including tough requirements imposed on the general contractor to reduce the construction’s impact on the neighborhood. Construction and technical solutions applied in the centre include: more efficient thermal wall insulation, good amount of day lighting, energy saving lighting system, state-of-the-art ventilation, indoor air quality sensors, effective thermal zoning, as well as openable and double glazed windows. A great emphasis has been also placed on water consumption, including the use of appropriate sanitary equipment, leak sensors, and reduction of rainwater discharge. The proper waste management has beenimplemented as well with dedicated storage facilities.

FASHION HOUSE Outlet Centre Moscow received a positive opinion in terms of its location and accessibility for motorists and users of public transport, too. The building is equipped with cyclist facilities.

It is estimated that the pro-ecological solutions allow for a decrease of operating costs of up to 50% in a long-term perspective. The Building Research Establishment’s Environmental Assessment Method (BREEAM) was established in 1990 and is currently the most popular industry standard in Europe for investors, developers and tenants.

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