FASHION HOUSE Group will be one of the exhibitors at this year’s EXPO Italia Real Estate (EIRE) in Milan, one of the most significant European real estate events, taking place on June 5-7. FASHION HOUSE Group will present its key projects, focusing on FASHION HOUSE Outlet Centre Moscow.

This year, FASHION HOUSE GROUP will be represented by its senior representatives, including: Brendon O’Reilly – Managing Director, Neil Thompson – Director and Johan Rogiers – Managing Director. At stands N13 and N15 of the 1 & 3 pavilions of Fieramilano the company will display its portfolio of outlet centres located in today’s key markets: Russia (Moscow, St Petersburg, Yekaterinburg), Romania (Bucharest), Ukraine (Kiev) and Poland (Warsaw, Gdańsk, Sosnowiec).

The company will be focusing most on its currently leading project FASHION HOUSE Outlet Centre Moscow, which will be located 12 km away from Moscow, near the Sheremetyevo International Airport. It will be home to 165 store units, a foodcourt and cafes, 1820 parking spaces and a children’s play area. FASHION HOUSE Outlet Centre Moscow’s foundations are in place and above-the-ground construction has started on site. Over the coming months the structure will take shape which is on track for an opening in 2013. The Outlet Centre is already over 78% let, which means that it will be fully commercialized by the opening. Fashion House Outlet Centre Moscow will be the first fully-enclosed outlet centre in Russia, with an exterior architectural concept exhibiting a “traditional Moscow classic architectural style” and an interior boasting the “Window to Europe” concept: galleries will transport the visitors to the streets of various European cities, including London, Paris, Milan and others.

As Brendon O’Reilly says “We’re very happy to exhibit at this year’s EIRE which is one of the most important events in our annual calendar. As a leading European developer in the outlet centre market we would like to take this unique opportunity to present our newest projects to such wide audience. Furthermore, FASHION HOUSE Group intends to boast its franchise offer for potential investors – a unique one-stop package for investors and developers looking to enter the booming outlet sector.”

“As a successful outlet centre developer with a recognised consumer brand and a tried and tested concept we saw the potential to develop a new offer. FASHION HOUSE Franchise offers the whole Outlet package with all the experience and expertise that any new Outlet sector entrant could want at a low risk and an affordable price, all at realistic market rates, with royalty fees and profit share”, adds Brendon O’Reilly.

The 8th edition of EIRE 2012 will take place on June 5-7 in Milan, Italy. Every year, it gathers even more exhibitors and visitors, and it has become one of the most significant events in Europe in the real estate industry. This time, organizers will provide 35,000 sq.m. of exhibition area and are expecting guests from all continents.


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