FASHION HOUSE Group, the largest outlet developer and operator in the CEE and Russian markets, today officially launches a new Corporate Identity, based on a dynamic corporate logo. It emphasizes the company’s forward-thinking mindset and objective to achieve strong growth, drive innovation and focus on new markets.

The new logo literally “grows out of” the FASHION HOUSE Outlet Centre (FHOC) logo, enriching it by a new dimension. The abstract view of the shape makes you notice the connection with the original FHOC logo and at the same time perceive it as the commercial space, buildings, architecture, new areas to develop by FASHION HOUSE Group. The structure of the mark is compact, which adds visual power to it. It corresponds with such values of the Group as stability, innovativeness, development and dynamism. As for the strong and explicit typeface, it invokes such features as openness and confidence, thanks to which the logo, as a whole, communicates better what FASHION HOUSE Group stands for today.

“Early next year marks the 9th anniversary of the opening of the very first FASHION HOUSE Outlet Centre in Sosnowiec in Poland by the Outlet Company. Over the years, our dedicated Outlet sector business has evolved into FASHION HOUSE Group, becoming the leading Outlet Centre developer and operator in the CEE region,” says Brendon O’Reilly, Managing Director of FASHION HOUSE Group. “Our expansion into new markets in Russia, Ukraine (and more in Romania) and the development of a unique franchise offer shows that we are taking our business to the next level. We decided it was time to do the same with our Corporate Identity – by creating a new clean, crisp and strong corporate logo that reflects our new fully-integrated service provision,” Brendon O’Reilly adds.

The new logo is easily adaptive to new technologies, different markets and needs, and clearly conveys the company’s message to its different target audiences. The ‘New Outlet Markets Made Easier’ claim, which accompanies the logo, positions FASHION HOUSE Group in the outlet sector as a company which goes to new markets, new places, new distribution channels and is an experienced, solid guide within them.

Apart from the new logo, the new visual identity comprises of a new website (at and various corporate materials. The new Corporate Identity was officially launched today at the MAPIC 2012 where FASHION HOUSE Group is showcasing its outlet centre projects throughout Europe, including new exciting ones in Russia and Romania.

The first FASHION HOUSE Outlet Centre was opened in 2004 in the southern Polish city of Sosnowiec, near Katowice. Nowadays, FASHION HOUSE Outlet Centres offer over 250 international brands to 10 million customers on a total lettable area of over 70,000 sqm in Poland and Romania every year. Furthermore the company is currently developing its second project in Bucharest, and is expanding into the Russian and Ukrainian markets with projects located in Moscow, St Petersburg and Yekaterinburg, which gives a total lettable area of 84,400 sqm under development.

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