FASHION HOUSE Outlet Centre w Moskwie z nagrodą REX Marketing Award
26 marca 2014 r.

FASHION HOUSE Outlet Centre w Moskwie zdobył prestiżową nagrodę REX Marketing Award w kategorii „B2B Marketing”.

FASHION HOUSE Group uczestnikiem ICSC Retail Connections 
oraz European Outlet Conference
3 marca 2014

W tym tygodniu FASHION HOUSE Group weźmie udział w organizowanych w Londynie przez Międzynarodową Radę Centrów Handlowych (ICSC): ICSC Retail Connections oraz European Outlet Conference.

MANGO store open at FASHION HOUSE Outlet Centre Moscow
11 February 2014

The internationally renowned clothing brand Mango opened its store at FASHION HOUSE Outlet Centre Moscow. Mango is one of the largest tenants within the outlet scheme, occupying a unit of 465 sqm.

FASHION HOUSE Outlet Centre Warsaw wins “Best performing Outlet Centre of the Yea
17 February 2014

FASHION HOUSE Outlet Centre Warsaw won the EuropaProperty CEE Retail Real Estate Award in the “Best Performing Outlet Center of the Year” category. The jury of real estate experts selected the best projects and companies active in the CEE retail real estate market in 2013.