FASHION HOUSE Outlet Centre Bucharest reports consolidated growth for the first semester of 2019: 16% sales increase and 4 new stores

– Three new leasing agreements – Iconic Beauty, Coccodrillo and Adidas that doubles its store surface throughout an extension
– 16% sales growth increase compared to the first semester of 2018
– 6% footfall increase compared to the previous year
– Four new stores – Sizeer, Richi & CO, Kula Kids Fashion Kiosk and Sensiro Perfumes

FASHION HOUSE Outlet Centre Bucharest, the only professional outlet centre in Romania, announces consolidated performances for the first semester of 2019, following an excellent year in 2018. The strategy of constantly improving the retail mix, which is strongly kept in 2019, resulted in four new store openings Richi & CO, Sizeer, Kula Kids Fashion Kiosk and Sensiro Perfumes, totalling over 1000 sqm. The retail mix improvement’s rhythm is supported also by the new leasing agreements signed with Iconic Beauty, Coccodrillo and Adidas that is extending their existing stores, by doubling its surface. The constant changes in the retail mix have attracted FASHION HOUSE Outlet Centre Bucharest customers with 6% increased footfall, demonstrates that the outlet retail scheme is an anchor for customers.

With retail sales in the first semester of 2019 increased by over 16% compared to the same period of the previous year, the Liebrecht & wooD owned FASHION HOUSE Outlet Centre Bucharest sets the premises for yet another year with consolidated growth, after the excellent results in 2018. The sales growth is also supported by the footfall increase by 6% compared to the previous year, demonstrating that FASHION HOUSE Outlet Centre Bucharest is a shopping landmark for its customers. The extra value proposition events have contributed to the growth along with the renewed retail mix.

Following the 10 new store openings in 2018, the first semester of 2019 brings also a strong pace of tenants mix improvement. Already 4 new openings are providing an enriched offer. With Richi & CO, that completes the fashion choices within the FASHION HOUSE Outlet Centre Bucharest and Sizeer, representing a new shopping landmark for all customers looking for the best and trendiest sport apparel, Kula Kids Kiosk, completing kids’ fashion offer and Sensiro Perfumes that enlarges the beauty offer, the leased area rose over 1000 sqm.

The trend to enrich the tenants mix was supported in the first semester of 2019 also by the leasing agreements signed with Iconic Beauty, a powerful local beauty shop, Coccodrillo, a renowned kids fashion brand and with Adidas, that is going to extend its existing store by doubling its surface, demonstrating the increasing interest for the only professional outlet center in Romania. The leasing agreements signed rise the leased area up to 851 sqm. The focus on diverse and attractive tenant mix is a key success factor for the only professional outlet centre in Romania.

“The consolidated economic growth in Romania has given the premises for this fast pace growth for FASHION HOUSE Outlet Centre Bucharest. The demand for top quality outlet schemes like the ones offered by the centres in the Liebrecht & wooD portfolio is outlined by the fast pace additions of new tenants and also by the increase of sales and footfall. This ever-growing brands’ interest to join the FASHION HOUSE Outlet Centre Bucharest retail mix is also due to our constant preoccupation of offering our tenants the best support. We are able to provide dedicated professional team that offers consultancy and over 25 years’ experience in the outlet business”, said Brendon O’Reilly, Managing Director of FASHION HOUSE Group. “Favourable growth in Bucharest encouraged us to set the premises for the second professional outlet centre in Romania, located in the Eastern part of Bucharest, nearby Cernica, which will be the 7th of its kind developed by Liebrecht & wooD in Europe”, he added.

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