FASHION HOUSE Online Shopping, the first online outlet centre in Russia launches today

FASHION HOUSE Group, a leading European developer and operator of outlet centres launched FASHION HOUSE Online Shopping. The new e-commerce platform is available to customers in Russia starting today.

FASHION HOUSE Online Shopping ( merges the advantages of brick and mortar outlet centres, like 30%-70% discounts with comfort of online shopping. The online prices will match those offered within FASHION HOUSE Outlet Centre Moscow and only the genuine assortment will be available. The e-store will operate in flash sales model, which accurately reflects the concept of outlet shopping. This means that assortment in FASHION HOUSE Online Shopping will be hand-picked and available for a limited time only (7/14 days).

– In 2013 we opened one of the first outlet centres in the country and today we push Russian outlet market into totally new territories. FASHION HOUSE Online Shopping is the first online outlet centre in this part of the world. Without doubts, it will be a hit among customers and our business partners. What is important, the e-commerce platform is just one of the elements of our new omni-channel strategy, aimed at modern customers – said Brendon O’Reilly, Managing Director of FASHION HOUSE Group.

FASHION HOUSE Online Shopping will be available to over 40 million customers in Central and Western Russia to ensure delivery within no more than 4 business days. From retailers’ perspective, FASHION HOUSE Online Shopping will significantly extend audience they can target and bring down the costs of starting online sales.
In addition to the e-commerce platform, FASHION HOUSE Online Shopping will serve as an excellent click & collect solution. Customers will be able to pick up the clothes they have bought online from FASHION HOUSE Outlet Centre Moscow.

– FASHION HOUSE Online Shopping is a comprehensive solution for our tenants. We take care of online infrastructure, operations, marketing, customer care and even logistics. Brands have to supply us with stock and calculate the revenue. We are building a bridge between brands and customers to allow effective sales communication where and when customers need it: offline and online – said Piotr Kreft, Head of e-commerce at FASHION HOUSE Group.

Launch of the e-store in Russia is the first step of the new omni-channel strategy FASHION HOUSE Group adopted recently. Next, the company will merge all of its customers’ oriented activities to offer the seamless shopping experience. Consumers will be provided with the best and the most relevant offers, regardless of the access point they use. In order to do this, FASHION HOUSE Online Shopping will be accompanied by several new technologies within company’s brick and mortar outlet centers. This will include between others the beacon-powered system connected to the upcoming mobile app to help customers move through FASHION HOUSE Outlet Centres and find the best deals. System will also feature gamification opportunities to make shopping more fun and exciting.

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Notes for editors:

FASHION HOUSE Group (FHGR) is a leading player in the European outlet sector and the largest developer/operator in the CEE and Russian markets, with a proven track record of opening up and dominating the outlet sector in emerging markets. FHGR has delivered and currently manages 5 successful FASHION HOUSE Outlet Centres in Poland, Romania and Russia of a total lettable area of almost 100,000 sqm and is developing a new outlet scheme in St Petersburg.

FASHION HOUSE Group specializes in both development and management of outlet centres. It offers an outlet-dedicated, premium quality, experienced team of experts in the fields of outlet centre design, development, finance, leasing, operation and management. Consequently, FHGR has built up a notable following of world-famous branded retail tenants.

FASHION HOUSE Group is part of Liebrecht & wooD Group, a European real estate development company established in 1991, which for over twenty years now has been active in the biggest markets in the CEE region – Poland, Romania and currently also Russia.

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