FASHION HOUSE Group celebrates 10 years of successful business activity

FASHION HOUSE Group is celebrating today its 10th  birthday. Ever since  the opening in 2004 of the first FASHION HOUSE Outlet Centre in Sosnowiec, the company has evolved into the largest outlet developer and operator in the CEE and Russian markets.

– I’m proud to say that during the past decade FASHION HOUSE Group has managed to establish the outlet sector in three key markets of the CEE region –  said  Patrick Van Den Bossche, Managing Director of  FASHION HOUSE Group. –  This was made possible thanks to the hard work of our fantastic team and the trust bestowed on us by our business partners.   Over the last 10 years FASHION HOUSE Group has developed under the FASHION HOUSE Outlet Centre brand five successful schemes, located in Poland (Sosonowiec, Warsaw, Gdańsk), Romania (Bucharest) and Russia (Moscow). On a total lettable area of nearly 100,000 sqm, FASHION HOUSE Outlet Centres offer over 250 renowned domestic and international brands for 30-70% less than original prices, within buildings of a unique architectural theme. Every year over 10 million clients choose FASHION HOUSE Outlet Centres as a shopping destination.   The FASHION HOUSE Outlet Centre concept is highly valued not only by clients but also by investors – in 2007-2008 Polonia Property Fund II, managed by Peakside Polonia Management, acquired all three FASHION HOUSE Outlet Centres in Poland.   FASHION HOUSE Group has a proven track-record in opening up and dominating the outlet sector in emerging markets. After the success in Poland and Romania, the company opened in June 2013 FASHION HOUSE Outlet Centre Moscow – the first fully-enclosed and professionally managed facility of this type in Russia.   FASHION HOUSE Group not only develops outlet centres, but also specialises in their management. As a provider of management and operations services FASHION HOUSE Group boasts an impressive portfolio including all FASHION HOUSE Outlet Centres in Poland, Romania and Russia and several non-FASHION HOUSE branded sites across Europe, including Hungary, Bulgaria, Serbia and the Czech Republic.   – This has been yet another successful year in the history of FASHION HOUSE Group, which only proves our team’s excellent know-how and vast experience in the field of outlet centre development and management –  said Brendon O’Reilly, Managing Director of FASHION HOUSE Group. –  We enter the next decade with great optimism and enthusiasm,
a decade during which we will continue to grow and seek interesting investment opportunities.   The year 2015 will see the opening of FASHION HOUSE Outlet Centre in St Petersburg,
the city’s first fully-enclosed outlet scheme. Conveniently located by the main ring road,
the 20,000 sqm centre will be home to 120 stores, a foodcourt and a parking for 1,050 vehicles.   Portfolio:

  • The 16,800 sqm  FASHION HOUSE Outlet Centre in Sosnowiec  opened in 2004. This first ever outlet centre in Southern Poland offers customers 100 outlet stores and a parking for over 1,200 vehicles. In 2008 the scheme was acquired by Polonia Property Fund II, managed by Peakside Polonia Management.
  • FASHION HOUSE Outlet Centre in Gdańsk, currently the only outlet centre in Northern Poland, boasts a unique architectural design, referring to a traditional fishing village with its own lighthouse. The scheme has a GLA of over 16,600 sqm and is home to over 100 stores and a parking lot for 800 vehicles. The outlet centre enjoys great popularity amongst customers – both locals and  the  1.5  million tourists visiting the  coastal region each year. Since 2008 the scheme is owned by Polonia Property Fund II, managed by Peakside Polonia Management.
  • With a GLA of 17,300 sqm and parking for 1,000 vehicles,  FASHION HOUSE Outlet Centre in Warsaw (Piaseczno)  is one of the largest outlet centres in the CEE region as well as one of the most successful ones, thanks to a  perfect combination of  national and  international, high-street and  luxury brands. In 2007 Polonia Property Fund II, managed by Peakside Polonia Management, acquired the scheme.
  • FASHION HOUSE Outlet Centre Bucharest West, opened in 2008, was the first outlet scheme in Romania. The centre offers a GLA of 20,000 sqm and is home to
    60 stores, a foodcourt and a parking for over 2000 vehicles. The opening of this scheme marked the launch of a  whole new concept of  outlet centres located within larger retail parks which has proven to  be a  great success.
  • FASHION HOUSE Outlet Centre Moscow  opened in June 2013 as the first fully-enclosed and professionally managed facility of this type in Russia. On a surface of
    28,640 sqm it offers clients 165 stores, a foodcourt and children’s play area along with a parking lot for 1800 vehicles. The size, location and tenant-mix  make this outlet centre an important shopping destination.

Projects under development:

  • FASHION HOUSE Outlet Centre St Petersburg, with a GLA of 20,260 sqm, will
    be home to 120 store units, coffee bars and restaurants, a childrens’ play area and
    a parking lot for 1,050 vehicles. Its architectural theme refers to Amsterdam and the Low Countries,  with which the city of St Petersburg has had trading and cultural links for centuries. It is due to open to the public in 2015.
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